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New release 5.5.7 of Therion

PostPosted: Feb 6, 2021 4:54 am
by Martin Sluka
Therion 5.5.7 (2021-02-06):

For repository of Therion check

* added --generate-output-crc, --verify-output-crc options
* error raised when unknown command line option used
* version number ends with '-dev' if there are uncommitted local changes
* optimizations:
- much faster processing of fixed stations with associated CRS data
- faster check for optional fonts
* bugs fixed:
- survey selection ignored when exporting 3d model from splay shots
- "cs local" bugfix
- scrap 3d reconstruction spike artifact fix
- selection logging bugfix
- svg/xhtml map export without filename creates cave.pdf file

* better detection of wx-config variants
* innosetup.ini is generated in the build directory

Best regards,
Therion team