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metric scaled survey paper

PostPosted: Dec 2, 2020 9:57 pm
by MMiller
Rite-in-Rain discontinued theirs and I have not been able to find metric scaled loose leaf 6-hole survey paper here in the US. Does anyone have a source they can share?

Re: metric scaled survey paper

PostPosted: Dec 4, 2020 7:29 am
by KsCaver22
You may have to make your own. Rite-In-The-Rain makes blank sheets that can be run through a regular laser or inkjet printer. There are several sites that have PDF files of plain grids in both metric and imperial scales. This is one such site:

Somewhere - I don't remember where - I found a PDF file that is two survey data pages side by side. It is really just a scanned image. It looks like someone taped two survey data pages to a sheet of paper, then scanned it to a PDF. It would be very easy to repeat that process using whatever survey data format you like. Once it is a PDF, then it can be printed to blank Rite-In-The-Rain paper. For that matter, you could do the same with the graph paper.

The hard part in all of this is cutting it up for use in the small survey books. A flatbed paper cutter would be useful. Walmart sells those for about $20. Amazon sells six-hole paper punches. Some of them might be adjustable to the size used by small survey notebooks.

Update: This punch at Amazon looks like it has the right hole spacing for six-ring survey notebooks. 19mm between holes and 51mm between the two sets of three holes. ... 07P541L61/

Update 2: If you use LibreOffice, there are some document templates of graph paper in both metric and imperial units. Information is at: ... aph-papers

Bill Gee