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Totally new in cave survey, need some help desperately :)

PostPosted: Dec 26, 2014 9:34 am
by apocalypso

I'm totally new in underground activity and survey as well and so far I got the all necessary part and soldered my DistoX2, got the decent WM 6.5 device with the higher resolution screen to make it easier to get data and sketch the cave. I made some tests around my house and so far I'm pretty satisfied with everything but as a total rokie I have couple of questions, doubts.

First of all if anyone has managed to test Topodroid app I would like to hear what is better PocketTopo or Topodroid?

What is your preferred software for manipulating collected data on PC prior to exporting it to Illustrator or other vector base graphic editor?

I'm graphic designer and working with vector based software such as Corel and Illustrator on a daily basis so it is not problem for me, I already setup environment in Illustrator with brushes, symbols, styles, pasterns, but I need to learn everything else prior to exporting the sketch to illustrator :D

Thx in advance Teo :)