Cartographers Needed on Easter Island (07/24 - 08/08/11)

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Cartographers Needed on Easter Island (07/24 - 08/08/11)

Postby jutwynne » May 8, 2011 2:23 am

2011 Rapa Nui Expedition– Cave Biological and Cultural Resource Inventory Project (24 July - 08 August 2011)

We are seeking volunteer cartographers and archaeologists to assist in a biological and cultural resource inventory project on Easter Island (AKA Rapa Nui). Our objectives are as follows: (1) Set bait traps and search for cave-adapted insects in the four deepest caves on the island; (2) Revise cave habitat maps from 2009 expedition; and, (3) Map cave and archaeological features in the largest known cave on the island (which incidentally contains the greatest number of structures and is the most visited cave by tourists).

Minimum requirements: Excellent physical condition; team-player; willingness to work long hours underground only to return to an evening of working on maps and other related expedition tasks; at minimum American Red Cross First Aid/ CPR certified.

Volunteers will be responsible for all expenses. Total costs estimated ~5,100.00

Trip Overview: 

24 July - Depart U.S.
25 July - Arrive Santiago/ Depart-Arrive Rapa Nui
26 July – Orientation
27 July – Deploy baits in four caves
28-29 July – Revise habitat maps ~10 caves.
30 July – 03 August – Map cave and archaeological features
04-05 August – Check baits/ Collect Arthropods/ Pull Baits
06 August – Process arthropods/ Pack
07 August – Depart Rapa Nui
08 August – Arrive US

Airfare: USA-Santiago, Chile–Rapa Nui ~2,700.00 USD.

Accommodations/ Food: Unfortunately, there are few camping opportunities on Rapa Nui, and we will have a lot of gear that will need to be secured. We will either stay in a hotel or rent a house (I’m currently working on both options). A 13-night hotel stay will be around 1,400.00 USD, but includes 3 meals/ day. Renting a house will be cheaper (stand by for price), but we’d be responsible for all meals.

Rental Truck/ Gas: Team members will split the cost of a truck for the duration on the island. ~600.00 USD (estimated)

Global Rescue Travel Insurance (required): Short-term membership. 119.00 USD.

Immunizationsn(required): Hepatitis A & B ~100.00 USD.

Tourism Entry Fee into Chile (required): ~150.00 USD.

Technical Equipment/Skills: There will be no vertical work on this trip.

Popular Press:
New Species Discovered on Environmentally Damaged Easter Island ... html-0634/

Explorers Club Flag Expedition:
 I have submitted an application for this project to become an EC Flag Expedition (URL: ... g_the_flag). Anyone participating in an EC flag expeditions is eligible for consideration for membership into The Explorers Club. The last two expeditions to Rapa Nui were flag expeditions.

If interested, please email Jut Wynne at Please be prepared to send a current CV and contact names, phone numbers and email addresses of three professional references. Maururu roa nui!
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