2009 NSS Awards

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2009 NSS Awards

Postby CaverScott » Jul 31, 2009 4:57 pm

William J. Stevenson Outstanding Service Award:
Carol Tiderman -- 10604RL

Honorary Member:
Andrew J. (Andy) Eavis -- 43156SU

Lew Bicking Award:
Mark Minton, NSS 58116

Science Award:
Dr. Horton H. Hobbs III, NSS 12386HM

Victor A Schmidt Conservation Award
Val Hildreth-Werker, NSS 28963

Spelean Arts and Letters:
Roger Brucker, NSS 1999L

Certificate of Merit:

John J. Corcoran III for "The initiation and continued management of the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project.”

Rick and Faye Bowersox for their “Outstanding service with the Junior Speleological Society.”

David W. Everton (25891), William J. Baus (23995), and the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy for “The Conservation and Restoration of Buckner Cave, Indiana.”

Peter M Hauer Spelean History Award:
Carl E. Kunath, NSS #6230

James G. Mitchell Award
Aaron Curtis, NSS 60670 “Karst microclimate monitoring in the Northern Alps, Austria: initial results”

NSS Fellow:

Tom Bemis, 16148
Norman Berg, 18567
Aimee Beveridge, 44387
Bob Biddix, 29501
Aaron Bird, 27029
Lacie Braley, 44099
Allan Cobb, 24017
Jeff Dilcher, 25914
Michael Doughty, 19022
Donald Dunham, 28127
Judy Fisher, 30502
Butch Fralia, 27041
Dave Howell, 12926
Julie Jenkins, 29911
Blake Jordan, 43030
Edward Kehs, Sr., 31185
Russell Kennedy, 16950
Vivian Loftin, 34681
Judy Ormeroid, 21146
Cami Pulham, 48100
Cady Soukup, 14047
Montana Autumn Spencer, 41155
Jim Womble, 39547

Congratulations to all receipients! :bananabat: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bananabat:
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