IO Reports Due for 2008

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IO Reports Due for 2008

Postby Keith Wheeland » Dec 27, 2008 10:46 am

NSS IO Annual Report now due
It is time once again for each to update their IO records and submit the NSS IO Annual Report. The report is due during the month of January 2009 for the calendar year 2008. (If you want to submit it a little earlier, I won't mind.) Please notify the person in your IO who usually submits the report. Here are some things to concentrate on this year.
Make sure all the officers on your board are NSS members. You can check on this before submitting the report by going to the NSS homepage and clicking on "Search", then follow the instructions.

Email addresses:
Make sure the email addresses you submit are correct. Some persons who submit the report just blindly assume that the email addresses in the record are correct. Approximately 10% of the email addresses in the records bounce when I try to send something. That is not a good ratio.

Listing your Grotto in States other than the Home State:
This feature is there to accommodate grottos that are located near state lines and where members from those adjacent states regularly attend grotto meetings. It is not to specify that members go caving in other states. When a potential member looks for grottos in their state of residence it is helpful if they can see grottos that may be in an adjacent state that may be nearer than some grottos in their own state. I just thought you'd like to know this.

NSS Library Requires Paper Copies of IO Publications
Your IO is required to supply two paper copies of each publication to the NSS Library, even if you publish your publication in digital format. The NSS library does not have the resources to print copies of publications that you send to them in digital format, and they are only equipped to deal with paper copies for archiving.
(My note: This policy may be altered when the NSS Library has the personnel and resources to move into the digital age.)

Remember that it is your responsibility to keep the online IO records up to date throughout the year as changes occur in your IO. This insures that cavers who access the information online will see the latest information.

If you have misplaced your IO serial number and password, please ask me. I recommend printing it out and placing it in your IO folder. I don't think this compromises your IO security in any significant way.

In case you forgot, submit your report (and update the records) online at

Please send me (Keith Wheeland) your comments and proposals for changes you'd like to see. If your suggestions require changes in NSS regulations, please submit them to the Congress Of Grottos (COG) and get it on the agenda for the next COG meeting. Send to Peter "Mudpuppy" Michaud -

Keith Wheeland, Chair IO Committee,
NSS Internal Organizations (IO) Committee Chair
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