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More motions

Postby Bill Tozer » Oct 10, 2005 8:12 pm

Motions: Kayes moves: The Society has a goal of increasing the membership of the
society to 13,600 by the end of 2008.

Discussion: The percentage of cavers not belonging to the Society has
never been known; but the general conjecture has been that there were two
or three cavers, not in the Society for everyone that is a member.
It appears that there may now be three to five active cavers for each
active caver in the Society. It is long past time to set some goals for
membership. I doubt that anyone will seriously argue that the present
membership situation is desirable. Setting a goal would seem to be a good
starting point.

Kayes moves the following change to the By-laws:

IV. A. (3) (c) At a meeting of the Board of Governors prior to the close
of fiscal year, the directors shall convene and elect the
Secretary-Treasurer. The term of office of the Secretary-Treasurer shall
run from the beginning of the fiscal year to its close or until a successor
has been elected and installed. The Society's fiscal year starts <May
first.> <<April first. This change will be effective 1 April 2007.>>

Discussion: The Society requires audited financial statements for various
purposes. That the Society is on a fiscal year that ends four months after
the beginning of the calendar year, means that the Society will be four
months behind most other non-profit organizations in producing audited
financials. Additionally, the planning and preparation for the Society's
annual convention, which occurs relatively shortly after the beginning of
the fiscal year, has tended to take precedence. Those
organizations/entities that require audited financials expect the Society
to have them available earlier than it is has been possible to provide them.

By beginning the fiscal year on 1 April, much of the preparation for
audited financials, such as obtaining data from the volunteers in the
various sections, commissions, the Foundation can be completed before the
Convention frenzy is in to full swing. It is anticipated that the
necessary financial data can be provided to the CPA before the Convention
frenzy and the result could be that audited financials would be available
four to six or more weeks earlier than they have been in the past.

Note! This change will not be effective until the next fiscal year. It is
not possible to change the fiscal year except for a period at the beginning
of the fiscal year.
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