First of Fall BOG motions

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First of Fall BOG motions

Postby Bill Tozer » Oct 8, 2005 9:14 pm

The following are preliminary motions for the November Board of Governors meeting in Albany NY. Additional motions will be forthcoming.

Bill Tozer, NSS President

Tozer Moves: The Caving Innovation Award shall be given to developers of cutting edge caving techniques and technologies.

Comment The NSS does not have any awards that specifically reward contributions to caving techniques and technologies. Imagine vertical caving without Gibbs ascenders, rappel racks, or modern caving ropes. Imagine cave diving without underwater lights and side-mount configurations 2/3 air rule and deep cave diving without special gas mix decompression tables. These innovations have expanded the envelope of cave exploration and knowledge, but more importantly have made caving safer for us to enjoy. Caving innovators arguably are currently our unsung heroes. A COG motion.

From Tom Rea:

(1) Rea moves that Josh Bailey ( 510-303-5287; ) is confirmed as the chairman of the
Internet Technology Committee.

(2) Rea moves:
1. The NSS will maintain a Discussion Board in connection with its Web

2. The Discussion Board is a subcommittee under the Information
Technology Committee with the following conditions:
a. The Administrator is appointed by and reports to the Operations Vice
b. The Discussion Board Budget is developed by the Administrator and the
Operations Vice President.
c. The Chairman of the Information Technology Committee is responsible
only for technical advice and software maintenance.

3. The Discussion Board Management Team will consist of the Operations
Vice President, the Discussion Board Administrator, and the
Administrator's assistants and moderators.

4. The Administrator is responsible for appointing assistant
administrators or moderators as he sees fit.

5. The Administrator is responsible for establishing forums or
subdivisions of the discussion board and may add, delete, or modify
these forums as becomes necessary or desirable.

6. The Administrator and the Operations Vice President are responsible
for establishing and enforcing Terms of Service the rules under which
board will operate.

7. Any member of the Management Team may remove, edit, move, or lock any
post that violates the Terms of Service.

8. The Administrator has the authority to ban any member who continues
to violate the Terms of Service.
Bill Tozer
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Additonal motions

Postby Bill Tozer » Oct 11, 2005 9:05 pm

NSS Cave/Karst Conservation and Restoration Grant
Ormeroid moves:
Board Act 19-321, Conservation Grants, is amended to read:

The Conservation Committee <<with approval of the Conservation Committee Chairman and the AVP>> is authorized to <spend> << award >> up to <$3,000> <<$5000.00>> annually from the Save-the-Caves Fund to make grants of up to $1000 to Internal Organizations, Conservation Task Forces, Conservancies, <<Grottos, >> or to <individuals> << individual NSS members>> for specific projects < including the scientific investigation of cave conservation problems, speleological research that will directly contribute to cave conservation, and the solution of environmental problems in karst or pseudokarst areas> <<that involve cave or karst conservation, restoration, or cleanup. >>

<<The Conservation Committee manages the Cave/Karst Conservation and Restoration Grant and is responsible for establishing the application, review, and award processes.>>
Recipients of these grants shall submit written reports to the Society as stipulated by the Chairman of the Conservation Committee.

<<To be considered for a grant award, applications must include adequate description of one or more of the following:
- the scientific investigation of cave or karst conservation problems;
- speleological research that will directly contribute to cave or karst conservation;
- the remediation of ecological problems in cave, karst, or pseudokarst areas;
- hands-on, in-cave efforts to restore cave passages to a former ecological state
- equipment and supplies for conservation or restoration projects that include hands-on participation from cavers;
- or public outreach to inform and raise awareness of cave and karst values.

Requests for cash-match grants will receive preferential review.>>

[Act 18-367 ( Save-The-Caves Fund) shall be modified to reflect changes to Act 19-321]

Discussion: These modifications reflect the wishes of the COG motions from the July meeting and also reflect the desires of the Conservation Committee to clarify the Conservation Grant. This motion will not create the need for any additional Committees, Funds or budget lines. The Save-The-Caves Fund presently has over $24,000.00 in its Restricted Fund. Should a grant request come in for more than $1000.00, the applicants may be advised to apply to the NSF for funding from the NSF Conservation Support

NSS Salons Committee

Ormeroid moves:
Cady Soukup ( NSS 14047 RL) Box 600, Flint Hill, VA 22627-0600, Ph. 540-675-3016, Email and David Lester (NSS33900RE FE) 4329 E. Peakview Cir, Centennial, CO 80121, Ph.303-771-8408, Email are confirmed as Co-Chairman of the NSS Salons Committee

Discussion: After many years of dedicated service, Paul and Lee Stevens requested to be replaced in this position.
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