Photo Archives Move Help Needed

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Photo Archives Move Help Needed

Postby Dave Luckins » May 27, 2014 10:20 am

It’s time to move the NSS Photo Archives from Karen Kastning’s home in Radford VA to the new NSS Offices. If we hire it done, it will cost us more than $750.

So, we’re looking for a volunteer with a van. Karen says, “There were 43 boxes or items altogether. Most of the boxes are relatively small (because of weight consideration). For example, the many 16" x 20" photos are in archival boxes that are only 2 inches high. The largest item is a metal cabinet, 5.5ft high x 28" deep x 36" wide. There are 4 wooden boxes (donated display stands and a video projector). Most other boxes are prints, slides, or supplies.

Everything can fit in a large trailer or small truck, as long as it is big enough to hold the cabinet, plus the 36 boxes.”

Karen’s available June 21-22 or June 28-29 for a pick-up.
If you’re interested in this volunteer opportunity, email Dave Luckins at to get connected. :cave softly:
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