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Building Status

Postby Dave Luckins » Mar 26, 2014 8:07 am

Phase 2 of the new Headquarters is rapidly being completed and there’re a few things we could really use to make this phase glow:
1. Two warming ovens. The rental business has taken off and we expect to gross $75,000 in rentals this year; paying all the operating and property tax expenses for the building. Caters have asked for warming ovens. If you’d like to adopt this project, each one will cost about $1500.
2. Gallery Systems. Nailing art to the walls is never a good idea and we have a host of artists who will be contributing cave art to the building. There’s almost two-hundred linear feet of gallery walls in our new building. A gallery track system would cost you $1000 if you adopt this project.
3. Display monitors. We need 2-60” display monitors for the Reception Hall and the Conference room (and yes it is cheaper than a projector system). Each monitor is about $750 if you’d like to adopt one or both.
4. Low voltage display lighting. What good is art if you can’t see it? We need 15 tracks and each will cost about $400.
5. Rocking Chairs. Say what? Well, we have a nice long covered porch and a set of 8 rocking chairs would really make the place feel homey for cavers. Each one costs $350 (we’re talking commercial grade, high quality that will stand up to abuse). Donate one (or more) in memory of a loved one and we’ll put the plaque on it for you.
6. LED signs. You’ve seen them on car washes, churches and many businesses. We’d like one to advertise our events. New one’s are hugely expensive…have you the ability to find a used one for free?

If any of these projects sound like something you, or your grotto, would like to adopt drop Dave Luckins, or Dave Haun a note and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

Well, the above are things we’d like to have. There is something we must have…YOU. It is stunning to see how much has been accomplished with caver volunteers and I know you’ll be pleased to use the building when you come to convention this year. We’ve entered the critical completion phase and we need sharp minds and strong backs to get it done in the next few weeks. (We especially need strong backs.) Drop either Dave a note and we’ll send you a schedule of work weekends. Got time during the week? Not a problem—there’re professionals on site working who can use your help. :bat sticker:
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