222nd Meeting of the NSS Board of Governors

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222nd Meeting of the NSS Board of Governors

Postby DeanWiseman » Oct 30, 2012 8:38 pm


A Brief Summary of Events at the 222nd Meeting of the National Speleological Society Board of Governors
St. Augustine, FL
October 27th, 2012

With Hurricane Sandy spinning offshore, and waves and wind scouring the coast of St. Augustine, the Fall Meeting of the NSS Board of Directors was called to order by NSS President Wm Shrewsbury. The meeting began with the usual introductions of each Board Member. All were present, with the exception of Bill Putnam, Randy Paylor, and Bill Liebman, who were represented by proxies Jean DeVries, Dave Haun, and Gene Melton, respectively.

During the course of the Meeting, a number of issues were discussed and considered, but here is a brief summary of the major events:

The first part of the Meeting involved discussion of Officer Reports. One common theme running throughout the various topics that were discussed was the ongoing need for volunteers and assistance on committees. As we are nearly all-volunteer organization, we constantly are in need of people to assist in conducting the daily business of the Society. With that in mind, if you are interested in volunteering, please visit the “Volunteer” section of the NSS Members Page (https://secure.caves.org/info/volunteer.shtml), or contact pr@caves.org, and assistance will be gladly provided. There is always room for another able and motivated volunteer!

Also, a significant amount of time was devoted to reviewing the architectural plans for the new NSS Headquarters and Conference Center in Huntsville. HQ Commission Chairman, Dave Haun, gave a detailed briefing on the refurbishment plans. It was noted with deep appreciation the significant amount of volunteer effort which has already been given by NSS Members and Officers.

According to Haun, the proposed changes to the existing structure will not only greatly enhance the aesthetic beauty of the exterior, but will establish a functional and versatile interior for meetings, training, and cave education programs, as well as displays for a future museum. Discussion regarding funding this project was undertaken, and the Architectural Plans and Construction Budget were officially approved by the Board. The board plans to hold an email vote in about a month when the Construction Documents (these contain the scope of work to be done, specifications of the type of materials and construction methods to be used, and final architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans) are presented along with the local contractor selection. A formal report by the HQ Commission will be available online shortly. For more information, visit the HQ Commission website: (http://caves.org/commission/hq/index.shtml)

The Board then temporarily adjourned so that the Directorate could interview and elect a Secretary-Treasurer (S-T). The position has been held for the past two years by Debra Young, and the Board reaffirmed her to that position.

Following reaffirmation of the S-T, the full Board reconvened, and several Motions were considered. This list is, by no means, the complete list of Motions… just some highlights:

-The Board Approved the 2016 NSS Convention Proposal for Ely, Nevada, with Matt Bowers as Chairman. The official announcement is available at:

-Ted Kayes was confirmed as Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

-Gordon Birkhimer and Craig Hindman were confirmed as Co-Chairs of the 2013 Convention in Shippensburg, PA.

Once the business and open discussions were concluded, the Board expressed its sincere appreciation to our hosts, the NSS Cave Diving Section, and Gene Melton in particular, for their outstanding efforts, especially in light of some last-minute changes to the venues.

As a final note, every vote taken was UNANIMOUS—everyone believes this is completely unprecedented! And, as a personal note, it is with deep appreciation that the current Board does a wonderful job of good-faith debate, even during the most contentious discussions.

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