RASS Headquarters Donation

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RASS Headquarters Donation

Postby Wm Shrewsbury » Apr 2, 2012 10:04 am


On Saturday, March 31st at the BOG meeting it was my pleasure to announce: The Richmond Area Speleological Society (RASS) donated $50,000 toward our new Headquarters. Everyone please give them a big round of applause! :clap: :clap: We have earmarked this money specifically toward the new entrance - The RASS Reception Hall.

Several additional grottos and members have sent in donations ranging from $50-$10,000. I also had the pleasure of handing out certificate #1 of the Buy-A-Block program to the Sewanee Mountain Grotto! Blocks are being "purchased" a good clip - be sure to buy yours today!

At the meeting several members signed up for the Team 404 sustaining contributor program. This is our primary core program, the bread & butter of our headquarters purchase. The more people we can get signed up for this the quicker we'll pay off our mortgage. Every Team 404 member receives a nice polo shirt embroidered with the NSS Logo with the lines "HQ & Conference Center" and "Team 404" underneath. I can tell you that everyone wore their shirt with pride at the meeting and evening functions. There are many options to help for everyone. You can find the donation form on our home page or click on this link: http://www.caves.org/donate/HQ_Donation_Form.pdf

Remember this simple math - if all of our 10,000+ members were to donate $25 a month we'd pay off our mortgage in only 8 months. Please give what you can $5, $10, Buy-A-Block for a single $50 donation, or become part of our core fundraisers by signing up for Team 404.

Great things are happening within the NSS and through your generous donations we are preparing for even greater things.

Thank you,

Wm Shrewsbury, President
National Speleological Society
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