NSS Award Nominations needed by November 15

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NSS Award Nominations needed by November 15

Postby CaverScott » Oct 13, 2010 3:34 pm

Dear Fellow Cave Scientists/Cavers:

In my role as the chair of the Science Award subcommittee of the NSS Awards Committee, I encourage you to submit a nomination for next year’s NSS Science Award. Please think of some good scientists in the various cave and karst disciplines who deserve the recognition. We are looking for people who have made significant contributions to the sciences, but who are also still very active. Close association of the scientist with NSS is not mandatory, but preferable. The nominee must be an NSS member for at least the past two years. Strong preference will be given to nominees who have not received the NSS Honorary Member or Outstanding Service awards (if you’re not sure, check next to the person’s name in the NSS Members Manual or I can let you know). The previous Science Award recipients are:

1994 William B. White (geoscience)
1995 John Holsinger (biology)
1996 Arthur N. Palmer (geoscience)
1997 Derek Ford (geoscience)
1998 Thomas Poulson (biology)
1999 Patty Jo Watson (archeology)
2000 John Mylroie (geoscience)
2001 James R. Reddell (biology)
2002 Carol A. Hill (mineralogy)
2003 Paolo Forti (geoscience)
2004 E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. (geoscience)
2005 Francis G. Howarth (biology)
2006 Ira D. Sasowsky (geoscience)
2007 Kathleen H. Lavoie (biology)
2008 Julian "Jerry" J. Lewis (biology)
2009 Horton H. Hobbs (biology)
2010 Penny Boston (biology)

Your nomination letter should include details of the nominee’s contribution to cave science. Please do not assume that “everyone” knows your nominee. Many members of the Awards Committee and the NSS Board of Governors are not scientists and will need this information to make a sound decision. A BRIEF resume attached to your nomination letter can be very useful, especially if trimmed to highlight the most significant achievements.

Please keep the process confidential by not letting your nominee know that they have been nominated. Letters from other people supporting your nomination are helpful, especially if they provide additional useful insights into the nominee’s contributions.

If you nominated someone that did not get selected last year, please let me know if you'd like me to include that nomination this year.

Nominations can be sent to me by mail, e-mail, fax, or as attached e-mail documents. The deadline is November 15th. If you run a listserve for which this information would be appropriate, would you please distribute it?

Mail to:
Kathleen Lavoie
Arts and Sciences, 101 Ward Hall
SUNY Plattsburgh
Plattsburgh, NY 1290
518-564-3152 (fax) 518-564-3150 (any questions)
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