2010 NSS Awards

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2010 NSS Awards

Postby CaverScott » Aug 10, 2010 7:47 pm

The following awards were presented at the Friday Night Convention Baquet on August 6, 2010:

Fellows of the Society:

Hans Bodenhamer, NSS 16668
Jerry Bowen, NSS 51562
Bob Cowell, NSS 33571
James T. Cox, NSS 36389
Robert Frostick, NSS 21378
Ken Hill, NSS 44262
Jed Mosenfelder, NSS 30463
Ken Oeser, NSS 34445
Johnny Parsons, NSS 19325
Buzz Rudderow, NSS 19271
Robert Simmons, NSS 21698
Peter Youngbaer, NSS 16161
Robert C. Yuellig, NSS 43991

Certificate of Merit
George R. Phillips, NSS 27623, for his “rapid response to a major threat to Sharps Cave and the Elk River karst in West Virginia” that spurred development of a promising nationwide rapid response resource to karst environmental threats.
Peter Youngbaer, NSS 16161, for “his work on behalf of the NSS concerning the White Nose Syndrome epidemic in bats.”
15th International Congress of Speleology Organizing Committee for their “work on the 2009 International Congress of Speleology.”

Spelean Arts and Letters Award
Larry E. Matthews, NSS 6972

Victor A. Schmidt Conservation Award
Jon D. Jasper, NSS 33710

Science Award
Penelope J. Boston, NSS 44478

Lew Bicking Award
Charles & Catherine Bishop, NSS 9355 & NSS 12100

Honorary Member
Jim Martin, NSS 2886

William J. Stephenson Outstanding Service Award
Cheryl S. Jones, NSS 14479

Congratulations to all the award receipients! :clap: :bananabat: :clap:
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