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This is an email that was sent around to the IO's. I felt it would be helpful to have it available on Cave Chat for easier distribution of the information. This was copied from an email and posted here with permission.

Hi All IOs,

This is the May 6 edition of the IO INFO. Please share this with the members of your IO. It is being sent to the Supplemental list as well as to all IO Contacts.

If you are no longer a Contact for your IO (or your email address has changed), please have the appropriate person in your IO make a change to your IO online records at http://www.nssio.org. If you want to be removed from the list of Supplementals, please contact me.

There are six topics in this issue.

1) NSS Mission and Vision Statements now Approved
2) Strategic Planning Committee needs your IO input
3) NSS Convention WNS Preparations
4) NSS Membership Committee Poll
5) NSS WNS Policy Statement
6) NSS Director Election Deadline Near
>>>>> NSS Mission and Vision Statements now Approved

As a result of countless hours by the Strategic Planning Committee, and with the approval of the BOG, a Vision Statement was approved. It stands along with the Mission Statement. For your information here they are.

Mission Statement: The National Speleological Society (NSS) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the scientific study of caves and karst; protecting caves and their natural contents through conservation,ownership, stewardship, and public education; and promoting responsible cave exploration and fellowship among those interested in caves.

Vision Statement: The National Speleological Society is dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of caves and karst.

>>>>> Strategic Planning Committee needs your IO input
Every successful large organization does planning. The NSS is no different. We have already prepared the Mission and Vision Statements.
Next comes the value statements which are currently being formulated with the help of the NSS officers. Since the Strategic Planning Committee cannot work without your help, we are soliciting that help in two ways.

First: Talk about the future in your IO meetings and send your thoughts to the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, RD Millholin rdmilhollin@yahoo.com

Second: Send a representative to the Congress of Grottos (COG).
Strategic Planning will be on the agenda at the COG meeting to be held during the NSS Convention.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

What can the NSS do that is not already being done to help your organization?
What can the NSS do better to help your organization?
How does the NSS hinder your organization?

What should the NSS do or attempt to do for caves & karst, and caving in general - that it is not already doing?
Are there things that the NSS should not be doing?

>>>>> NSS Convention WNS Preparations
Please be advised that you need not bring caving gear to the NSS Convention in Vermont even if you intend to go caving. The Convention Staff will provide loaner gear. This should allay your fears of spreading WNS. Leave the caving gear in Vermont and take a shower after caving.

This note from Ken Moore, Chair of the 2010 NSS Convention concerning fears of spreading WNS

... We have the gear loan program in place, Fish and Wildlife are working with us for the decon. during the week. Safe guards are being put in place. So there really is no reason for people to stay away. They don’t have to go caving, there are plenty of other activities for folks to do, and you can’t get it from breathing the air. I feel a letter talking about these things will change minds.

See you all at the cool convention! -- Ken Moore

>>>>> NSS Membership Committee Poll
Hello cavers,
I'm hoping you will help us out at little. The Marketing & Advertising Committee (Roger Brucker and Bill Liebman) and the Membership Committee are looking for ways to bolster membership in the NSS via a marketing poll which is below. We're looking for avenues of membership that we haven't tried before. Since most of you are NSS members and support the goals of NSS; cave conservation, exploration and study, there are probably like-minded folks just like you that might want to support those same goals. But where can we find them, is the question?

Please give this to each of your members and tell them to please just copy and paste this easy poll into an email and send back to me at their earliest convenience. And please let others know about the poll too.
Thanks so much!

Dawn Ryan
NSS Membership Committee
. . . . . .
1. What is your age? 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56 and over. (Just circle your answer)

2. Female or Male?_______ __

3. Income bracket? (Under $15,000) ($16,000 - $25,000) ($26,000-
$45,000) ($46,000- $75,000) ($76,000 - over) (circle)

4. Average amount spent annually on cave gear, outdoor gear, camping equipment, etc?________ _

5. Favorite outdoor activity other than caving? __________

6. Average amount spent monthly on transportation for recreation? ________

7. What magazine(s) do you read?_______ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __

8.Occupation ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ___

9. Education level- High school graduate, some college, under-graduate, college graduate, post-graduate. (Circle answer)

Thanks for your time and answers. And, remember, send your answer to Dawn at dwn_ryan41@yahoo.com <mailto:dwn_ryan41@yahoo.com>
>>>>> NSS Membership Ad for your Newsletter
This from Dawn Ryan of the NSS Membership Committee.

[Editor's note: In the email version that I sent to all IOs, I had attached an ad that could be used in the next issue of IO newsletters.]

If there are any questions feel free to contact me at 815-260-3454 or membership@caves.org <mailto:membership@caves.org>.
>>>>> NSS WNS Policy Statement
Here is the NSS WNS Policy Statement that was approved at the BOG meeting on April 17. Please remember to visit the NSS website for the latest on WNS.

The NSS recognizes the serious nature of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) and its devastating effect on bat populations in the eastern United States.
The Society is committed to advancing scientific knowledge of WNS, helping to determine its cause, and limiting its impact on cave organisms. At the same time, the NSS will promote responsible study, management, and access to cave resources based on demonstrated risks and the latest available data. The NSS has a responsibility to its current members and cavers of tomorrow to do what it can to ensure that any restrictions on cave access are based on demonstrated threats, sound evidence, and recognition that risks are site- and strategy-specific.

The NSS has been a leader in contributing expertise and considerable resources – both financial and human – to WNS investigations, and believes it is important to continue to do so. Through its appointed NSS WNS Liaison, it is essential that the Society continues to work closely with federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and legislators; participate in WNS symposia, conferences, meetings, and strategy sessions; and effectively represent the Society and its members with these groups and the media. The NSS will strive to influence cave use policies and research priorities, and encourage the dissemination of scientific information.

The NSS places a priority on educating its members and the public about WNS, and encourages members and grottos to be effective, proactive partners in this effort. To support this work, the NSS will remain an important source of up-to-date WNS information and educational materials.

The Society regards knowledgeable cavers as natural partners in the collaboration necessary to address WNS, and the best advocates for the conservation of caves and all cave resources, including bats. Therefore, the Society believes that protecting the strength, influence, and vitality of the NSS and its internal organizations is critical to protecting caves and their resources, now and in the future.
>>>>> NSS Director Election Deadline Near

This from Bill Steele, Chairman of the NSS Nominating Committee

Please pass encouragement to your grotto members and NSS members in your area to vote in the NSS director election. Ballots must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2010 to be counted.
Thank you,

Bill Steele
NSS Nominating Committee Chairman


Keith D. Wheeland, NSS 2878
NSS Board Member and Chair of NSS IO Committee
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