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Frontiers of Karst Research KWI SP13 - Free!

Postby driggs » Dec 29, 2008 10:23 pm

The Karst Waters Institute has released special publication 13, Frontiers of Karst Research, edited by Jon Martin and William B. White, from the May 2007 San Antonio workshop. This book is 118 pages soft bound, and costs $38 + shipping, however, you may download the entire publication digitally for free from the KWI website:

Download "Frontiers of Karst Research" whole book (11mb .pdf)


Table of Contents

Part 1 – Frontiers of Karst Research

Frontiers of Karst Research Opportunities and Recommendations: The Next Frontier

Part 2 – Todays Frontier

Modeling Karst Hydrodynamics.
Kovács and Sauter
Geochemistry and Climate Changes
Banner, Musgrove, Rasmussen, Partin, Long, Katz, Mahler, Edwards, Cobb, James, Harmon, Herman, and Wicks
Caves and Karst as Model Systems for Advancing the Microbial Sciences
Engel and Northup
Ecosystem Science and Karst Systems
The Struggle to Measure Subterranean Biodiversity
Evolution in Karst: Lineages, Ages, and Adaptation of Cave Faunas
Karst Resources and Other Applied Issues

Part 3 – Findings and Recommendations of the Focus Groups

Focus Group on Karst Hydrology - Conceptual Models, Aquifer Characterization, and Numerical Modeling
Sauter, Covington, Florea, Gabrovsek, Gao, Green, Gulley, Harmon, Herman, Jeannin, Jones, Kincaid, Moore, Mylroie, Sasowsky, Screaton and Wicks
Focus Group on Geochemistry and Climate
Banner, Boston, Colucci, Cowan, Frappier, Gentry, Harmon, Katz, Long, Martin, Musgrove, Partin, Rasmussen, Wong and White
Focus Group on Caves and Karst as Model Systems in Geomicrobiology
Engel, Northup, Gary, Gonzalez, B., Gonzales, J., Hutchens, Jones, Macalady, Spear and Spilde
Focus Group on Ecosystem Function
Simon, Fong, Hinderstein, Maloney, Payn, Vernarsky and Wilhelm
Focus Group on Subterranean Biodiversity
Culver, Boston, Christman, Collins, Godwin, Hobbs, Holmes, Holsinger, Iliffe, Krejca, Lewis, O’Conner, Pipan, Schneider, Taylor and Zagmajster
Understanding the Tempo and Mode of Evolution: Cave Adaptation as a Model System
Porter, Dittmar, Hutchins, Jeffery, Lefébure, Paquin and Protas
Focus Group on Karst Resources and Other Applied Issues
Vesper, Schindel, Beck, Van Brahana, Cate, Engler, Ewers, Falkenberg, Halihan, Idstein, Krothe, Peterson, Toran, Veni, White and Williams
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Re: Frontiers of Karst Research KWI SP13 - Free!

Postby adleedy » Dec 29, 2008 10:30 pm

very cool, thanks for the link :kewl:
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