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grotto libraries

Postby ek » Apr 6, 2008 8:21 pm

In this thread, it was suggested that there might be grottos without caving libraries. My first thought was "say it ain't so!" Anyway, this led me to be curious about grotto libraries other than my own. We have a number of books in our library, including books on famous caves (e.g. Lech), books on specific geographic areas and their caves, books on Speleology, books on cave conservation, books on rescue, books on surveying, books on caving technique (e.g. On Rope[i], [i]Alpine Caving Techniques), and various other books (e.g. a book on the most sick and horrid things that people have ever found in caves). We also have some periodicals, such as NSS News (of course) and the Northeastern Caver (which we have in individual issues and, for older issues, bound volumes).

One of these days, maybe SUOC will put a list of the materials in our caving library on our website. Maybe.

So, just for fun...does your grotto have a library? What kind of books (or other materials) are in it?
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Re: grotto libraries

Postby cavedoc » Apr 7, 2008 2:26 pm

ek wrote:So, just for fun...does your grotto have a library? What kind of books (or other materials) are in it?

We, the San Joaquin Valley Grotto, do not. We are new and small and the charter members already have too much stuff. We chose not to to avoid storage issues. When we get newsletters they get passed around and then given to anyone who wants it. We encourage new people to take them home and encourage anyone who wants to get a copy frequently to join/subscribe.

I love the idea of a library. It pleases my acquisitive soul. But a library requires a librarian and storage space. And it seems like most libraries turn into white elephants that no one is willing to organize into something that is actually usable. And that's a shame.
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Re: grotto libraries

Postby CaverScott » Apr 7, 2008 3:36 pm

The CIG (Central Indiana Grotto) has a very extensive library. Other than the NSS Library and perhaps something like WKU, it may rival any other grotto library.

The Birmingham Grotto also maintains a good library. The librarian will bring any book to a meeting you request it in advance.

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Re: grotto libraries

Postby tangled_slinky » Apr 9, 2008 11:53 am

WUSS has a large library (it's overflowing the allotted space, anway)- books on cave systems, safety, bats, cave-related fiction, kids books, movies, grotto newsletters from the US, Europe, Asia, and South America, scientific articles on all sorts of cave-related stuff, magazines that just might possibly feature caves at some point, what seems like every NSS publication ever, maps... there's probably other stuff too but it hasn't been catalogued yet. What is catalogued is on our website.

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Re: grotto libraries

Postby NZcaver » Apr 9, 2008 1:59 pm

My primary grotto doesn't really have a library. However like Roger's grotto, some long-time grotto members have accumulated quite some libraries of their own. Their brains and materials become valuable grotto assets. :big grin:

Not to detract from the fantastic resource of a grotto library, but there is one big drawback for me. Physical materials have to be located somewhere - and borrowed, returned, cared for, etc. Sometimes a grotto librarian's home or grotto/outing club meeting place makes a perfect hub for materials, and this is nice for those who can get there or arrange to have an item mailed or handed over. But a more simple option might be to have the grotto website fulfil some of the functions of a grotto library. Many (most?) grottos and sections now publish their newsletters electronically. For those who don't, or have old printed copies and other publications in the archive, of course it takes time and effort for a person to scan and upload them. Then you just need to decide whether the material should be public or password-protected, and assess/modify/redact any sensitive or copyright issues. :shhh:

Personally I love having resources like this at my fingertips wherever I have internet access, and to me it's well worth the effort. Just a thought.
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Re: grotto libraries

Postby graveleye » Apr 16, 2008 8:57 pm

I'm going to the DCG library next month and looking forward to seeing it what's in it.

I've got the makings of a caving library already and it worries me sometimes. Will the joists hold this weight and my rock collection? :question:
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