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Re: Nylon Highway article

Postby driggs » Mar 12, 2008 1:11 am

xcathodex wrote:
George Dasher wrote:List of surveyors: Yes, you can list the surveyors by the number of trips. I usually do it as such: Bob Alderson (12 trips), Bob Anderson (11), Gordon Brace (10), George Dasher (1), etc.

Thank you sir! I vaguely recall there being an example in the back of On Station that followed this paradigm. The map I'm currently working on has had 90+ surveyors involved with the project, the highest total number of trips being 40, and I'm trying to find a reasonably fair way to list them all! I think that will work beautifully.

Therion can list contributors ranked by the total sum of survey length they contributed (rather than number of trips). See this example. For more info, see the statistics command under layout in the Therion Book (or just add `statistics explo-length on` to the layout block in your 'thconfig' file).

Oops, I think we're way :off topic: !
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Re: Nylon Highway article

Postby Jeff Bartlett » Mar 12, 2008 7:52 pm

agreed about being off topic - i'm going to move this discussion to the surveying forum because i'd like to respond!
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