What to do with old grotto newsletters and excess paper

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What to do with old grotto newsletters and excess paper

Postby sknapper33 » Jan 18, 2020 1:26 pm

We're trying to downsize the VPI Cave Club's library. We have 10 file drawers full of other grottoes newsletters that have been accumulating over the the past 70 years. There are several hundred different organizations, so to contact them all would be a momentous task. We have scanned in our own 'Tech Troglodyte' and keep a few paper copies of each published newsletter.

Someone suggested the Karst Information Portal, but their website doesn't look too organized, plus its too much to ship.

Bill Torode of the NSS archives said to bring them down, which is an option, but I want to see what others have done. How did you manage your excess paper?
All NSS publications are online, so for the most part, those are being recycled. We have some bound collections which may go to the 2020 Convention auction in Elkins.

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