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Postby Bob Thrun » Jul 9, 2016 4:37 pm

I want to complete my collection of Cavers Forum and Cavers
Digest messages.

A cavers' mailing list was started in January 1988. I don't
know who started it, I don't have message No. 1. Ron
Lussier sent out the membership list in message No. 5.
There were 31 members. The list was first called Cavers
Forum in message No. 39. It was also called the Cavers
Mailing List.

Cavers Forum ran as an ordinary mailing list until No.
4460, in October 1992, when John Sutter converted it to a
digest format. The digest collected several messages into
one large message. There was never more than one digest a
day and there were often multiple days in one digest. The
Cavers Digest lasted until May 2006 with CD 5845.

Jim Olsen, the last moderator, had an archive of the Digest
messages posted on the web for many years, but it was not
complete. I am missing and want to get the following:

340 to 399
420 to 999

There are a few other Digests missing, but they seem to
be numbering errors.
Bob Thrun
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