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Earn Money From Caving

Postby ohiocaver » May 1, 2015 7:47 am

The NSS NEWS is seeking a paid advertising sales person. Earn a commission on the net proceeds from every ad you sell for the NSS NEWS or other NSS publications.Job is perfect for someone who knows caving and can promote NSS publications to the many outdoors vendor companies that regularly advertise in similar publications (ranging from the vendors you'd see at OTR or Convention to REI, Campmor and EMS; to rope, battery, headlamp, tent, pack, carabiner, clothing, boot, hydration and other companies…all of whom should be in front of the NSS NEWS reader every month). In addition to caving, almost all of our readers are involved in other outdoor pursuits ranging from hiking and camping to skiing, kayaking, etc. The potential is unlimited.
If you are interested - or know of someone who is interested in the position - PM evp@caves.org. :cave softly:
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Re: Earn Money From Caving

Postby driggs » May 12, 2015 6:30 pm


How about paying someone to write and solicit good content for the NSS News instead?

I challenge you to find me one dues-paying NSS Member who would like to see more advertisements in their life, let alone in a publication as special as the News.

The NSS should be bringing more value to membership, not selling its membership to advertisers to bring in revenue.

Not to mention the fact that by encouraging cavers to buy from general purpose vendors like REI or Campmor cuts into the slim margin of by-cavers-for-cavers speleo-vendors. Campmor sure isn't going to drive a trailer 10 hours to attend a rainy VAR.
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