Old NSS Youth Groups Brochures

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Old NSS Youth Groups Brochures

Postby Patricia Bingham » Nov 22, 2005 5:39 am


Van had mentioned using the old brochures for a youth event and they are not the brochures I was thinking of (I think).

Anyway, the NSS has boxes of the old blue brochures with a teenaged boy looking at some nice formations (lots of soda straws). These are blue and have a printing date of 9/94 on them. These are a very nice intro to caving, though they don't give as much detail as the newer documents that may be downloaded from the NSS website. They are written in mind for all youth groups.

I don't want to throw these out, but also want folks to know there is more info to be had.

Amy Bern came up with a good idea of sending these out with an additional sheet stating that there is more info from the NSS and giving the websites for the brochures and the youth groups site.

It would be nice for grottos to have on hand, too. I might see if I can keep some of these at the NSS Guilday Preserve.

I don't know when these were printed, but would like to see them used up, especially if they've been hanging around the office for over a decade and we still have boxes of them.

If you want a stack of them, the NSS has them! I'll make up an info letter to be sent with each mailing.
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