NSS and Leave No Trace

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NSS and Leave No Trace

Postby amaddox » Feb 22, 2012 11:13 am

Good Morning All,

It’s time to reach out to our networks. There is a BSA National Outdoor Ethics Conference On October 25 – 28, 2012 at the Reynolds Training Center in the Quapaw Area Council near Little Rock, AR. involving the Leave No Trace Organization and Boy Scouts of America. A caving element has been requested by a very large part of the potential attendees. Jim Goodbar (BLM - Carlsbad, NM) has been suggested as a caving expert and a possible instructor for this session. LNT would like to have someone representing the NSS there as well to represent our interests and knows both NSS and BSA policies.

This is important to me and I would love to be part of this, but I just can’t make it and as a good Chair I should delegate this to someone else and not keep all the fun to myself. I’d like to find someone to attend.

This also pushes to the front of my priority list getting a NSS – LNT Coordinator. I was holding off on this, but now seems to be the time to find someone. Please reach out to all your contacts. We need an NSS member who is familiar with LNT principles and BSA policies and would be willing to work for the YGLC and youth organizations. Being an LNT Master is not required but I would hope eventually this course would be completed. Like all other Youth Group Liaison Committee Coordinators this is a volunteer position. If anyone is interested please contact me at nssyouth@caves.org or 610-741-3831.

Allen Maddox
NSS Youth Group Liaison Committee, Chair

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