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Petzl MYO XP

Postby aubicon » Aug 18, 2008 2:52 pm

does anyone use the Petzl MYO XP im looking into getting a really good head lamp and its a toss up between the Petzl MYO XP and the Princeton tech apex (non-pro). has anyone had the opertunity to use both? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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Re: Petzl MYO XP

Postby fuzzy-hair-man » Aug 18, 2008 11:07 pm

The Princeton Tec Apex is a good light EXCEPT it's nothing like waterproof :roll: there's a really long thread about the Apex here:
If you don't want to read the whole lot just read the latter pages, it's a real shame they aren't waterproof because apart from that they got them just about right.

As far as the MYO XP goes I haven't used them, but here's a thread on the ukcaving website about them,,6305.0.html (the 3rd and 4th pages are most useful) as far as I know the MYO XPs have some newer LEDs than the Apex which means that the MYO XP would be able to pump out more light for the same battery usage. Petzl's website confirms they have new LEDs. The MYO XP isn't supposed to be waterproof either but it appears some of the UK cavers take them through sumps reasonably regularly... :shrug:

Hope it helps
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Re: Petzl MYO XP

Postby cave rat » Aug 19, 2008 6:25 am

I have used a MYO XP for close to 2 years now as my main light. I consider it a fairly decent light to cave with. I get about 3 good trips out of before I have to change the batteries. In the time I have used it, it has been a pretty good, bright light and have not had trouble seeing anything in a cave.

I still want a APEX as my main light and I hope to get one at the TAG Fall Cave-In. I want put that into service as my main light and use the MYO as a back-up.

I try not to put any of my lights into the water, so I don't really know how it will be effected being underwater.
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Re: Petzl MYO XP

Postby lenslover2003 » Aug 21, 2008 11:46 am

Aubicon,Cave Rat, and others......

With regards to wondering about the Apex and Myo XP, before you buy anything,please take the time to study the Headlamp sub-forum,on the Candle Power Forums. These guys are experts,and several of the regular posters are either industry insiders,or work for people who are close to the industry.

For example,regarding the Apex..... Princeton Tec is supposedly going to put out their new updated version,THIS MONTH,according to the CPF scuttlebutt. I guess we will see,but if you can hold off for awhile,on your next light purchase,you might be really happy you did.

From the pictures of beam shots on CPF,the NEW Myo seems to be much brighter than the old version. Since it uses a vastly improved LED,that's to be expected. The one thing to look for,is to make sure you are buying the grey model,and not the older blue one. I am guessing they would have some lettering on the box,to indicate "new and improved",but you never know. The one thing that puts me off about most Petzl lights,is the lack of regulation. For me,that's a deal breaker.

There are other lights out there that might interest you,but not many. The Dosun headlamp,marketed by Fenix,seems to be a mild disappointment,from what I have read on CPF. It has an adjustable beam pattern,but the maximum lumen output (90) seems a little low,compared to what you might expect. But,in it's defense,it only uses 3 AA batteries,instead of 4,like other models. It looks a lot like a Yukon headlamp.

The other light that looks nice,but will probably fade away, due to lack of exposure,is the Racelight,marketed by Primus. It runs on 4 AA's, and has a maximum output of somewhere around 140 lumens. That's pretty impressive. The bad thing about the light,is that the beam seems to be all "spot",and not much "flood". It would probably be a great light for walking back in the dark,or spotting high leads in caves,but it could use some sort of diffuser. Maybe you could use one from an old Myo?

These are just a few things to keep in mind. To be upfront,I have never actually held any of these new lights,or even seen them. I have only read about them.

Frankly,considering the state of the art in flashlights,I am appalled it has taken this long, to finally get newer LED's in headlamps!
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Re: Petzl MYO XP

Postby potholer » Aug 24, 2008 10:52 am

In practice, compared to things like build quality, runtime, durability when wet, beamshape, etc, I wouldn't worry much about output numbers, at least, not if they're fairly close, and in my opinion, 'fairly close' would probably include 90 and 140 lumens.

If you closed your eyes for a second or two while someone swapped between lighting a scene with one light and then another, an output difference much less than a 2:3 ratio might be hard to even reliably notice in a direct comparison, let alone give much difference in real-life usefulness.
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Re: Petzl MYO XP

Postby anthonytsi » Aug 25, 2008 4:03 pm

I love my myo xp (the 2008 model). It has plenty of light output for caves. I also like the fact that it is small, light, and the battery pack is positioned on its side so it doesn't get whacked as often as others do.
I've also found that the buttons take a little getting used to, but that is a small issue.
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