In cave meals?

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Re: In cave meals?

Postby Marbry » Aug 22, 2008 2:21 am

Power bar Harvest bars are definitely tastier than their predecessors, Luna bars are pretty good too. I got some aseptically packaged milk (doesn't require refrigeration) in several flavors recently on sale I plan to try out, 8oz each.

You can get MRE entree's separately along with the heaters if you don't want the whole thing. You can also get other things packaged the same way as the MRE's that can be used with the same heaters. MTR makes some really tasty Indian entree's (all vegetarian I believe). The foil packaging crushes down nice and flat.

Tubes of cake icing, not so much. I'd like to find some tubes of yogurt that don't need to be refrigerated though. Jolly ranchers are nice, give you a little sugar, and some flavor to distract you.

Gatorade or similar drink. Really seems to help sip on some of that along with water during the trip.

#1 although slightly bulkier, Fried Chicken. Crackers don't sound so good when you can whip out a chicken leg; trumps any kind of sammich. :chicken:

BTW - raisins that come loose in the pack, then are unwittingly allowed to 'set up' in a hot car are terribly difficult to remove. From everything.
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Re: In cave meals?

Postby hoosiercaver1 » Aug 24, 2008 11:42 am

Well, I did the trip, and didnt bring anything warm. Looking back, I wish I did though. The other two had beef stew mre, and can of Dinty Moore stew with sterno to warm it. I brought a big pack of trail mix, 2 king size snickers, slim jims, and cheese and peanut butter crackers. I wasnt hurting for energy, but I think a warm meal would have helped me. I guess Ill resort back to this list alot, and try some of the other suggestion and see what works best for me.

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Re: In cave meals?

Postby Jeff Bartlett » Aug 27, 2008 9:22 am

For sake of pointing out Chaz isn't kidding, he surprised us with apple pie - complete with vanilla ice cream! - at the bottom of a pit last weekend. He had an elaborate ice-filled freezer bag setup to try and keep the ice cream cold, and some lovely spongebob squarepants paper plates. Incredible!

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