Anyone seen or used a Dosun H1 headlamp?

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Anyone seen or used a Dosun H1 headlamp?

Postby fuzzy-hair-man » Jul 3, 2008 8:12 pm


I was looking at Fenix-Store the other day and saw that they had a new headlamp, the Dosun H1.

Fenix-Store seem to sell good quality stuff so I was interested in this headlamp, it's also kind of interesting it has a reflector with three different beam profiles and the LED (perhaps a Cree?) is aimed down wards at the bottom section of the reflector not directly out as conventional headlamps do. This achieves 2 things you can rotate the reflector to achieve 1 of 3 different beam profiles: spot, eagle(a sort of focused horizontal spread), and flood. However because the LED is aimed down some of the light misses the reflector entirely, this isn't a bad thing because this light is cast down immediately in front of you somewhere near your feet as a flood beam so you have a floody beam for in close and an option of 3 beams for further away. :kewl: I guess the close flood is something similar to what might be achieved using an unfocused LED such as the scurion uses.

Some specs (from fenix-store):
1. Dosun Bi-Light reflector (patent pending) simultaneously illuminates at one meter and ten meters
2. Three beam profiles
* Focused Llight (spot)
* Eagle Light (cut-off flood)
* Flood Light (flood)
3. Six modes of output
* 93.6 lumens : 3 hours
* 52 lumens : 5 hours
* 20.8 lumens : 12 hours
* Strobe : 12 hours
* Fast strobe : 6 hours
* Momentary high (104 lumens)
4. Aluminum heatsink
5. Powered by 3x AA batteries
6. Battery power gauge
7. Water proof construction
8. Digitally regulated constant current

It's a bit of a pity they had to go and put in the strobe modes :roll: Why are they considered useful anyway :shrug:

Some manufacturer runtimes (this time quoted from CandlePowerForums):
all number Mfr. Claimed:

Boost 120% / 104 lm for MOMENTARY use (not sure of continuous TIME allowed)
Hi 100% / 93.6 lm for 3h on alk. (currently testing it with Sanyo 2700 NiMH 02:07 at this time)
Med 60% / 52 lm for 5h
Lo 30% / 20.8 lm for 12h
Slow Strobe (a dbl-flash with a short pause) 100%/Hi for 12h
Fast Strobe (very fast strobe) 100%/Hi for 6h (so, probably a 50% duty cycle or thereabouts since burn-time is 2x constant 100%/Hi burn-time).

Later experiments suggest the H1 runs better on NiMH batteries having dimmed considerably after about 6 hrs on high but still producing usable light.

Anyway here's a bit of a review and discussion from CandlePowerFroums:

Dosun's website: tells you precious little about the headlamp but it does give an idea what the beam profiles look like.

Apparently if you are after an artifact (ring) free beam this headlamp will drive you nuts but the usefulness of the close flood and ability to change beam profiles seems to offset this, and the effect of ringy beams in a cave might be minimal.

Some photos as a tease:
Image Image Image
Larger versions are on the fenix store website.

I just thought this looked interesting and that I'd mention it, there doesn't seem to be an Australian distributer so I'm not going to get a look at one any time soon. I am curious if they are really waterproof, or what "waterproof construction" means. :question:

Anyone seen or used one? if so what do you think?
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