Black Diamond Soliras Opinions

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Black Diamond Soliras Opinions

Postby lenslover2003 » Nov 28, 2005 7:20 pm

Hey, Group!

New member,first post. Hopefully,I am not doing a rehash,by asking this question.
I have been wondering about picking up a new headlamp,and it's something of a toss-up. I like the Soliras specs,but have seen precious little about it,in the way of reviews. Sounds like it should throw a monster beam,and also have good run time with the LED's. Have any of you ever seen one in use? How effective are just the 2 LED's, for area lighting? Are they as good as a Tikka Plus, on low?

A friend of mine has the new Apex,and I would like something similar,without having to worry about individual AA batteries.

Any opinions/thoughts would be helpful.
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