Petzl headlamp info needed: Duo, Zoom, Mega

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Petzl headlamp info needed: Duo, Zoom, Mega

Postby yeti » Dec 13, 2007 12:56 am

Can anyone who knows their Petzl headlamps (old to new) help me with some info? I'm trying to refurbish some headlamps...not my primary.

1) Petzl Duo - have version with standard and halogen bulb - is my only option for a lamp like this the drop in 14 LED? It seems like a lot for little return. Is there a conversion that makes both sides LED? Any other tips on mods from those using DUOs?

2) Petzl Zoom - has standard bulb - is there anything that can be done to update this light? It has the rechargeable E552100 battery. Am I right in remembering there is a AA adaptor that fits this? Also, on the bulb front...has anyone had experience with these:

If not, are there any mods that would bring some new life to these?

3) Petzl Mega or Zoom(?) - one of the lights I picked up is a Zoom but with the C-cell mega pack...but NOT the longer cord wrapped around the unit so it can actually be used on a belt. As this unit has a Zoom model housing around the lamp, can anything be done to this (same as in #2) to update? I know if it was a true Mega, it would have come with a brighter bulb...but still halogen. I'm hoping for simple LED options. yak???
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Postby David Grimes » Dec 13, 2007 2:26 am

Are you trying to make something extremely bright or are you going for longer battery life or are you just wanting to make them work again?

As far as changing them to LED's I would say that depends on how crafty you are. You could buy everything you need to modify any of the lights to LED at radioshack.

You could add as many as you could fit into the housing and add a reflector I don't know if it would really be worth the cost but I guess you could make it with as much quality as you see fit so an equivalent of what you could make with just $30 if you bought pre made at a store may be $100+.

I have experimented with making LED headlamps and found it to be rather simple. I usually mod cheaper headlamps like one I bought at a harbor freight tool store for $2.99 on sale normally $5.99 I bought several and they are great lights the way they come but for that price I can dissect them. They are the same design and housing as the petzl zipka but with 5 LED's I have modded them to contain more LED's and waterproof but sealing the housing and adding a hip pack for long battery life.

I am getting ready to mod another headlamp with 3-4 5w luxeon LED's should be a bright battery eating beast but I am adding a hip pack for longer battery life because I don't really mind the extra battery weight but it definitely is a factor to consider when buying your modding accessories.
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Postby NZcaver » Dec 13, 2007 1:09 pm

Hi Yeti - welcome to the forum. :waving:

I have owned all 3 headlamps you mentioned. I gave away the Zoom and Mega because, although good lights in pre-LED times, they don't really keep up with technology these days. I did try a retro-fit screw-in bulb in the Zoom, which used 3 x standard 5mm LEDs. It wasn't really worth the effort.

I still own several Duos, including a Fixo which is mounted as a backup on my occasional-use "carbide" helmet. For that one, I have the 8-LED insert in the low beam side, and the 1-watt LS407 you mentioned in the high beam side. They work great! In my spare Duos, I have the 5-LED modules which are also a vast improvement on the old incandescent bulb. I believe the 5-LED and 8-LED modules have been discontinued, but you may still be able to find them around (eBay perhaps?).

From all accounts, if you like your Duo it's probably worth spending the big money (or waiting for a sale) and upgrading to the 14-LED. It's definitely worth getting a 1-watt for the high beam too, either the LS407 or the similar TLE-1S which I've heard is good.

Like others, I've also dabbled in some major structural modifications to headlamps over the years and that can be a lot of fun. But it takes time, patience, and the right tools etc so I haven't been doing much recently. For what it's worth, my primary headlamp these days is the Princeton Tec Apex, with the easy waterproofing mod.

Check out these threads (and you can use the forum search function at the top to find more, or just browse back through the equipment forum at your leisure):

The LS407 is discussed and reviewed here

The TLE-1S is mentioned here

Cavers can get 5% off LED replacements here

The mammoth thread on the Apex headlamp is here

Have fun!
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Postby Dwight Livingston » Dec 13, 2007 3:53 pm

You could always upgrade your Duo with the $310 Stenlight Modification Kit.
Dwight Livingston
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Postby NZcaver » Dec 13, 2007 4:49 pm

Dwight Livingston wrote:You could always upgrade your Duo with the $310 Stenlight Modification Kit.

:rofl: Y'know, once upon a time I was considering that modification... but LED technology is now getting way more efficient for the money, so there doesn't seem to be much point now.
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