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Stanley Fat Max Bob Kirk

Postby cavescom » Nov 21, 2005 9:19 pm

Stanley Fat Max Type TLM 100 (you gotta getcha one)
Pictures at:

For the past two years or more I have used a Disto CH-9435 to conduct thousands of feet of cave survey. It has proven to be rugged and dependable. I carry a backup 50' tape just in case the Disto craps. I've only had to pull out the tape (its rolled up and no real, so its very compact) because of very thick fog. It wouldn't return in this small part of the cave and we had to use the tape for a couple shots. This Disto speeds up the survey and helps to place the next station by shining the laser to mark the next possible station.

I just purchased a Stanley Fat Max Type TLM 100 and have done some initial testing and I'm happy to report it works great.

I pulled a 50' tape across the floor and used a flat object positioned at different intervals to check out this new $100.00 wonder. The results are amazing.

At 50'......Disto reads -49.99 Stanley 49.98
At 35'.......Disto reads - 34.98 Stanley 34.97
At 25'......Disto reads - 24.98 Stanley 24.98
At 15'.......Disto reads -15.00 Stanley 14.99
At 5'.........Disto reads - 5.00 Stanley 4.99
At 2' ........ Disto reads - 2.00 Stanley gives a consistent return error.
At 1.5'.......Disto reads - 1.49 Stanley gives a consistent return error.
At 1' the Disto and Stanley gives a consistent return error.

The Disto is more rugged and water tight. One way to help keep the Stanley clean is to put a quart baggie over it. My test worked well with the baggie pulled tight and taped up. All returns came back good. If no baggie is used in the cave then whoever is using it must keep it clean. One will need to keep a short two foot tape handy for those short shots and a backup 50" in a pack. You use the ft. scale to get the Stanley to read in 10th scale. The instructions are easy to understand and it uses one 9v battery. This will make a nice present for any caver for Christmas.

Bob Kirk
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Postby Scott McCrea » Nov 21, 2005 9:41 pm

Wow! That's great. Thanks Mark and Bob! :patriotic:
Scott McCrea
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