Petzl Aceton and Ariane Generator

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Petzl Aceton and Ariane Generator

Postby hardcorecaver » Nov 2, 2007 11:27 am

I have been carbide caving for 3 months now. i need some tip on the petzl carbide. like what is the best carbide tip to use? also not all of the carbide will be spent what do you do about that? it also flares up when i bump it? somebody said something about pantyhose. what is that all about? i can not regulate the flame to a right size.
hope you can help thanks
Life good when you carbide caving.
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Postby driggs » Nov 2, 2007 12:42 pm

Please read this entire thread: Petzl Carbide lamp..

If you still have questions after reading the entire thread, please post them at the end of that thread to make it easy to find by searching (which is exactly what you should do before asking a question here).
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