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Securing a FoxFury to a helmet?

PostPosted: Nov 9, 2005 1:12 pm
by Steven Johnson
Finally got the change to try out my FoxFury underground. (Original "Signature", not newer "Performance" model.)

Love the light output, but it's really hard to get it to stay in place on my helmet (Ecrin Roc)... especially since the design only permits the headband to slip under the back two retaining clips (the front two are blocked by the light housing).

Aside from layers of duct tape, is there a better way to keep it in place on my helmet?

Headlamp support

PostPosted: Nov 11, 2005 1:12 pm
by cavewine
Alex (Inner Mt. Outfitters) sells a package of 4 little clips that slide onto headlamp straps, then clip onto the edge of a helmet. Very handy little devices for all sorts of lights. I think about 3-4$ for a pack.
Possibly found other places too, but definitely on IMO website.