Broken Petzl Duo

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Broken Petzl Duo

Postby sideshow » Jul 21, 2007 12:28 pm

Hi - new to the forums here. I just acquired (somewhat long story) an older petzl explorer setup - helmet with a duo (incandescent and halogen bulbs i think, no led) as well as the mounting for a carbide light above it. Unfortunately, the light is broken, neither bulb is working, and the spares I found in the light didn't work either. Any tips? maybe I just need to get some newer bulbs. If so, where's a good cheap place to get them from?

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Postby pacaver » Jul 21, 2007 5:13 pm

If the spares don't work the batteries may not be touching the contacts properly. Make sure they're clean and are sticking up enough to touch the batteries. Are the clamps for the battery case plastic or aluminum? I believe the plastic ones would eventually stretch and could cause a problem with the electrical contacts not touching the battery solidly. To rule out the lights, test them by taking them out of the unit and use some wire to directly connect them to a battery that is known to be good. If the lights are bad, you may be able to find replacements at local outdoor adventure type stores, otherwise you'll have to order them from a speleovendor and the shipping and handling will be expensive for such small items. Here's a link for the lights:

Good luck!
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