Katadyn - Hiker and Hiker Pro water purification filters.

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Katadyn - Hiker and Hiker Pro water purification filters.

Postby David_Campen » Dec 24, 2006 7:09 pm

I have noticed a defect in the Katadyn "Hiker" water purification filters. To use the filter the inlet hose is pressed onto a nipple. The nipple is molded as part of the plastic body and is weak. On my "Hiker" filter the inlet nipple broke after the pump had been used only perhaps a dozen times. On the same trip I spoke with another person who said that his Katadyn "Hiker" filter had just had the same thing happen. Later, looking on the internet, I found more reports of this having happened. This seems to be a pervasive design or manufacturing defect.

Happily, I had purchased my filter at REI and was able to return it for store credit even more than a year after the purchase. I then purchased a Katadyn "Hiker Pro" filter. The Hiker Pro no longer has the molded nipple but instead has an insert with a spring loaded latch for attaching the inlet hose; this seems much sturdier.

When I saw the new design for the inlet on the "Hiker Pro" I had hoped that Katadyn had realized the defect in the "Hiker" design and were going to stop production but now, 6 months later, I still see the "Hiker" model on the shelves at REI.

The "Hiker Pro" is $10 more than the "Hiker". In addition to the improved inlet design it also has an additional pre-filter screen wrapped around the micron filter to prolong the life of the micron filter.

I would strongly recomend spending an additional $10 to get a "Hiker Pro" model in preference to the "Hiker" model.
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Hiker Pro All The Way

Postby ireedz » Jan 3, 2007 9:48 pm

I have the hiker pro and love it. I won't shop at stores like REI for this very reason. They often carry products with problems. Do you mean to tell me they can not find one person in their stores that actually uses this stuff, to do some testing. I would rather search for a contact within a company that uses the gear they sell.
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