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Great headlamp review site

Postby Carl Amundson » Dec 8, 2006 10:32 am

I have posted this in the PT Apex thread, but I thought is deserved a thread of it’s own...

Being cavers we are all light junkies. We are always looking for a better light i.e. the most light for the least amount of money (but not necessarily). If you are like me, you usually buy a new headlamp every year (although this year I’m quite content using my PT Corona and Apex).
The rig I'm currently using for caving is having both the PT Corona and Apex on my helmet at all times. I love it (but I digress)

Here is a GREAT site for reviews of headlamps and flashlights:

It is a little technical, but that’s the way I like it. The more information the better. I have consistently found there reviews to be very accurate.

Here is the url for all the headlamp reviews: ... dlamps.htm

They even report problems found by cavers
[i]“UPDATE, Aug 2006: Spoke too soon? Two reports of problems with the Apex have reached me. First is due to the fact that there is a gap in the headband retainers. This gap is designed to make it easy to remove the headband for cleaning or replacing, but apparently it also can allow the headband to slip out of the loops when stretched tightly, such as over a helmet. Be careful you don't lose your light! The second problem reported was two units used by spelunkers in Australia that had to be returned due to water entry after receiving a dunk. Not good. I'll do some more research into these issuesâ€
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Postby Dane » Dec 8, 2006 10:49 am

Great links - thanks!!!
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