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PostPosted: Nov 30, 2005 9:21 am
by Dangerjudy
Just a quick update. I used my FoxFury Performace Series light in Fern Cave a couple of weekends ago. We went to Helectite Heaven. As some of y'all know this trip can be a good dry one for testing gear. It's got squeeze spots, a bit of vertical, some crawling, and it's about a 6 hour trip. I had not changed the batteries since my first trip, including during TAG when I had loaned my helmet and light to someone else for a trip, dunno which cave they visited or how long their trip was. I was curious to see how much light time I had left.
The Foxfury light was great - no glitches or 'technical difficulties'. I didn't change batteries for this trip, either, but I thought it might have gotten less bright as we headed back towards the entrance after the 30' pit climb up. Still, not enough to make me stop and change out batteries. I will do so for the next trip, probably. Having the ability to swivel it up and down is nice. I had to turn it off when looking people in the face; it is very bright.
I am pleased with it. The only, ONLY thing I would change about it is to have the switch somewhere where it couldn't get turned on by mistake while in my caving gear bin. It hasn't happened yet but it oculd easily happen, because the switch is not recessed.
Anyway, for the price, I'm pleased with the Foxfury performance light. For those of us without the money saved for a Stenlight, there is a nice alternative in the Foxfury.

PostPosted: Nov 30, 2005 3:33 pm
by barcelonacvr
After reading so many good reviews here I bought a Foxfury tactical.I am loving the light cast and the burn times.I was suprised at how small and light it was when it arrived.Great light

now if I could just get everyone to stop calling me Jordy :oops:

PostPosted: Dec 2, 2005 8:17 pm
by Biggimo1
now if I could just get everyone to stop calling me Jordy :oops:[/quote]

Its just too hard to resist. The Fofury is a nice light, but its easy to make fun of. :P

When I saw the light used, there was a Trekkie caving with us. In Trekkie gear. Now it would have been great if this caver was the one with the foxfury on.

Now dont get me wrong here. I'm not tring to make sport of the Trekkies.

PostPosted: Dec 4, 2005 3:54 pm
by barcelonacvr
When I saw the light used, there was a Trekkie caving with us. In Trekkie gear. Now it would have been great if this caver was the one with the foxfury on.

Now dont get me wrong here. I'm not tring to make sport of the Trekkies.[/quote]

Somehow I think trekkies are pretty used to that anyhow :wink: Now that is caving attire worthy of a few photo's

PostPosted: Feb 17, 2006 12:32 pm
by FoxFury
Thank you all so very much for posting your thoughts and feedback on our Performance light--it is much appreciated.

We look forward to building better lights for cavers to enjoy. We have released two other lights as well, the Pro and Scout Series.

We are looking to have our newly remodeled website ( up and running by the end of next week.

Please do keep the feedback and questions coming. I will be sure to keep you all informed of product developments. Thanks again.


PostPosted: Mar 10, 2006 1:50 pm
by FoxFury
Our remodeled website ( is now up and running. You will be able to find more product information on our Performance Outdoor and Tactical lights as well as our new Pro Series.

PostPosted: Jul 27, 2006 2:24 pm
by FoxFury
Hello again Everyone

I just wanted to inform you all that our Performance Tactical headlamp is now significantly brighter thanks to the addition of 4 ultrabright LEDs in the center of the light. We made this change recently (within the last 45 days).

The Performance Tactical (all white light) is now 480 candles (38.2 lumens). The Performance Outdoor is now 389 candles (31.0 lumens). Please note that the Performance Outdoor (white and green light) does not have the 4 ultrabright LEDs in the center. Both lights were approximately 240-260 candles when they were released last November.

Links are provided below: ... ctical.htm

Anyone have any other feedback or action pictures of these lights? Thanks again and I look forward to any feedback and questions that you may have.


PostPosted: Jun 21, 2007 1:14 pm
by FoxFury
Hi again

Some of you were wondering what you could really see with this light--you can now see for yourself in the film "Journey to the Center of the Earth," which airs on the History Channel on Monday June 25th at 10 pm EDT (check you local listings).

The film is about the exploration of the Mayan cave Naj'Tunich. You can find all the info on the film's official site below, which also contains a map of the cave, bios of the explorers and a trailer for the film.

Please tell your friends about the film. If lots of people tune in, they may be able to make it into a series.

Paul and Hazel, used our Performance Series Tactical lights in the film. The film was shot last year. Our current Performance Tactical light is 20% brighter.

PostPosted: Aug 10, 2007 11:12 am
by Melesse
I bought mine at IMO a couple years ago, and while I haven't been caving as much as I wish I could, it's stood up pretty well.

People call me Bridgeforth though, because the light resembles the stadium lighting at JMU :-X

It actually washes out some of the lights the other people use that I cave with. I only have two real complaints, and they are both minor. First, the battery pack on the helmet is too heavy :( It's ok, it has a long cord for me to take it off. The second one involves the width. On a Petzl Roc, it's so wide that the thicker part of the straps which are doubled over to hold the light on are right where the strap holders on the helmet are. Hmm, that wasn't the best description... Let's just say it can be difficult to get the light under the strap holders on the front of the helmet, and get it straight.

I never end up with it completely straight, and it's a little distracting.


PostPosted: Aug 10, 2007 4:32 pm
by FoxFury
Hi Melesse

Thanks for the great feedback.

I understand about the width. Some people like it, others prefer it narrower. We made the Performance less wide than the original Signature Series.

We released a new headlamp earlier this year called the Command Series as we had requests for a lower profile light with the ability to have adjustable brightness levels. The Command is slightly less wide (4.8" rather than 5.5") than the Performance and has a blinking red rear LED on the battery pack to help be seen. The Command battery pack is more ergonomic (which is great) but can't be remoted off of the head (which isn't so great given your feedback). ... cal_20.htm

Thank you for sharing.