Third source of light

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Re: Third source of light

Postby LukeM » Sep 25, 2014 9:28 am

There have been times in grim, helmets-off passage where I was quite happy to have a light around my neck.
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Re: Third source of light

Postby potholer » Sep 25, 2014 11:28 am

CaverCSE wrote:Another caver here who lived through the bulb era of caving. I can still remember the 30min repair your light breaks we'd have to take during our cave trips. I had to repair my light probably every other cave trip until I started making my own lights which had very thick vacuum cleaner cord and better connectors. I got in the habit of carrying at least two lights on my helmet and one around my neck.

What lights did you use?

I'm not sure if I ever did more maintenance to the electric side of my Petzl Laser than a drop of oil or contact cleaner at each end every few years and maybe a gentle scrape of the bulb holder. Admittedly the electric side wasn't hugely used, but bulb replacements must only have been once every few years at worst, and I don't recall having to change the cable in the 15+ years when I was using it normally.
I can't tell now if I did recable it, since I changed the cable/connector after retiring it to use it as a host for experimental LED lights. Experiments which luckily for me were as unreliable as the Laser had been reliable, misbehaving in pretty much every possible way and demonstrating all the problems I had to avoid.
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