Cheapie Cree XML T6 Led Headlamp Review

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Re: Cheapie Cree XML T6 Led Headlamp Review

Postby CaverTyler » Jan 15, 2014 9:06 pm

rlboyce wrote:The main disadvantage I see with this light is the reflector is too big. For trying to see things that are far away, this is a good thing since it concentrates the light. For caving though, it will certainly give the user a tunnel vision feeling. Other than that, it seems like a good price for what you're getting.

My old ones that I currently use are a good flood and distance reflector in them.

Then new ones I just got from ebay concentrate the beam way to much for my liking. The reflector looks to be a hybrid, half of it is a rough texture, then the rest is smooth.
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