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Push rope

Postby chh » Apr 7, 2012 9:00 am

The rope comparison thread got me thinking about buying a new push rope/botttom of the pack ridealong. I'd like an 8 mil. I've poked around a little on some canyoneering sights as they seem to use 8mil more than we do, but I only have real in cave experience with 2 types of 8 mil rope (well 3 if you count 8 mil accessory cord), the Cancord and another with a technora core that was a friends and I don't remember the manufacturer.
Can anyone recommed a rope that they've used? The sheath and core materials don't matter as much to me as elongation and general durability, hence I'm staying away from nylon. Technora seems to be more expensive, and I use some technora fibers at work and have been happy with them, but I don't have to buy them :laughing:. It seems to wear well, but polyester may be the more economical choice.
Anyone have an 8 mil that they just LOVE?
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