Looks like a Sten....

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Looks like a Sten....

Postby Jon » Dec 3, 2011 10:25 pm

OK who has tried the Piko 3 underground? Looks like a Sten, brighter than a Sten but......? As near as I can tell it has dual 22 degree lights which seems narrow to me. Also from photos it looks like there are no "optic" buttons that can be frosted. Are the 5 watt LED's too hot for the buttons? And with heat does this puppy thermal limit down lower than the advertised 750 lumens? Having talked to Sten folks they down grade there lumens to the thermal limited rating in their ads. Are these folks listing only their peak lumens? As I see it, it's a copy but with a different switch, a covered battery and 1/3 the screws holding the lens cover in place. Are both lights the same spill/ throw?

Having heard a report of the brightness of this new light I went and re-evaluated my Sten. I really like the way it "fills in" a room. But then I like spill over throw. As I've said before I'd rather see where I'm going, than where I'd gotten to if I hadn't fallen. But I have to admit I'm a Moore's Law fan. If a little bit is good, more must be better and too much must be almost enough.

How much time does this wonder bright/wonder priced light have underground? Does it stack up hours battery of service wise and does it hold up?

And the next question is if this is a workable setup, will Sten offer an upgrade to the Cree's or more importantly to me will the throw work as a Cree and the spill as a Rebel?????? Now in my mind (such as it is) THAT would be ideal.......
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