What is *in* kneepads?

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Re: What is *in* kneepads?

Postby Jon » Aug 14, 2011 12:28 am

Some neat ideas here. Actually two layers of wet suit with a thin layer of semi rigid plastic between them sounds about Ideal. Gonna have to try that.
Don't do the coveralls much here in AZ and softball sliders are nice but I just got a pair of CaveLegs and like them The sliders I like for known mudholes (they are under my pants) but for the rest of the time the Cavelegs are easy on easy off and don't move where they shouldn't when caving. A friend has a pair and they seem about bullet proof.

If you are interested contact Phyllis at cavelegs@gmail.com These are hand made and pure quality
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Re: What is *in* kneepads?

Postby self-deleted_user » Sep 30, 2011 10:33 am

Well the person making my suit was really backed up over the summer with stuff and just now getting to it...just went to try it on 2nd time today (it's not finished, just quickstitching to get the sizing) and uhm...wowwwwwww a suit made to my body actually FITS and WORKS. I did the splits, stretched up, curled up in a ball, any movement extreemes I can do, and it's not a baggy mess! And being hot pink and neon green it's /awesome/ you won't miss me!

I was trying to work out getting stuff for the kneepads. I went to JoAnn Fabric (they have quite a bit of foam) but they didn't know what closed cell foam was and the stuff they had didn't seem right at all even the stuff that said it was high density. Way too squishy.

So again, my friend's mom who is making the suit came in handy - apparently we have this place in southeast Michigan called the Foam Factory. I called them and they said they had lots of kinds of it, so I went out. Originally I was told on the phone it is sold in sheets (pricing ranges from $20 and up depending on kind and thickness). They sold neoprene and lots of other types too. Well, I was looking at it, and the sheets are a LOT of foam. Then she mentioned these huge bins of scraps - ahhh perfect. For $5 I have about an 8 ft strip that is 10 inches across. Couldn't tell you exactly what make I ended up with - the scraps weren't marked or in any order, just that it's high density closed cell and I laid a bit across my knee and tried pounding my knee for all I could and barely felt it, haha. (that was my test, I'm sure some people thought I was mad!) So yeah there you go. If you're interested in trying to make your own kneepads, maybe there is a Foam Factory or similar near you! =)
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