Chinese Headlamp

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Re: Chinese Headlamp

Postby potholer » Feb 23, 2011 8:54 am

A lot of cable failures are to do with cable quality and exactly how it enters one or other enclosure at each end, rather than simple cable thickness.

Thinner cable can run in places that thicker cable can't (like inside the helmet), and cable size does need to be somewhat related to the particular headset type.
Personally, in the reconditioned mining headset setups I use for my helmet-mounted-battery hosts for LED units, I use either the original cable if it's good, or slightly thinner rubber cable if it isn't.
However, that's running from a large and effectively rigidly mounted front headset.
If I was making a light with a lightweight tiltable front, a thick/stiff cable might end up adding resistance to tilting, or simply look completely out of place.
~10mm thick cable on a Stenlight, Scurion or Little Monkey would just look weird, and would place various limits on possible cable paths that aren't a problem for thinner cable.

Let's remember that some reasons for having thick cable on mining lamps relate significantly to having a waist-mount battery in the first place, with the higher chance of it getting snagged on all kinds of things, and the extreme desirability of not having cables snapping or pulling out of the headset with the attendant risk of sparks.

Even if I was going to keep the same headset but switch to a more Sten-like battery, I'd probably go for thinner cable and an inside-helmet cable route at least partly to give physical protection to the inevitable mid-cable connector.
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Re: Chinese Headlamp

Postby PaulSiegel86 » Aug 21, 2011 1:49 pm

I'm engaging in a little thread necromancy...

Has anyone actually used one of these in cave? Or have any hands on experience with one of these?

I am seriously considering replacing my TAGlite with one of these.
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