NASA and the Navaho

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NASA and the Navaho

Postby pacaver » Aug 17, 2006 3:30 pm

When NASA was preparing for the Apollo Project, it took the astronauts to a Navajo reservation in Arizona for training.

One day, a Navajo elder and his son came across the space crew walking among the rocks. The elder, who spoke only Navajo, asked a question.
His son translated for the NASA people: "What are these guys in the big suits doing?"

One of the astronauts said that they were practicing for a trip to the moon. When his son relayed this comment the Navajo elder got all
excited and asked if it would be possible to give to the astronauts a message to deliver to the moon.

Recognizing a promotional opportunity when he saw one, a NASA official accompanying the astronauts said, "Why certainly!" and told an
underling to get a tape recorder. The Navajo elder's comments into the microphone were brief.

The NASA official asked the son if he would translate what his father had said.The son listened to the recording and laughed uproariously. But he refused to translate.

So the NASA people took the tape to a nearby Navajo village and played it for other members of the tribe. They too laughed long and loudly but also refused to translate the elder's message to the moon.

Finally, an official government translator was summoned. After he finally stopped laughing the translator relayed the message: "Watch out for these assholes. They have come to steal your land."
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Postby Vadosian » Aug 17, 2006 11:22 pm

So true, so true!!

Now they want everything else too!!!

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Postby Teresa » Aug 18, 2006 9:47 pm

As my recent trip to Washington State proved: The Natives are buying the country gullible gambling tourist at a time. (And more power to them, BTW!)
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Postby Ralph E. Powers » Aug 19, 2006 12:27 pm

Funny to be sure and oh-so true ... as far as the statement goes... but is the story true? What's the source, I want to pass this on to another discussion board but they're sticklers for sources and validity of such stories. If it's a joke then it's a good one. Just need to know.
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Truth of the joke

Postby pacaver » Aug 19, 2006 6:44 pm

I doubt it's true; it was passed around at work and I thought it was pretty funny so I posted it. A search of showed nothing and when I googled, the only other reference I found was the same joke at on a different board.
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