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Newlywed Caver

PostPosted: Jan 27, 2015 5:42 pm
by ohiocaver
Caver Tim decided to marry his long-time girlfriend. One evening, after the honeymoon, he was cleaning his caving clothes. His new wife was standing there watching him. After a long period of silence she finally spoke. “Tim darling, now that we are married I think it's time you gave up crawling around in the mud. Perhaps you should consider selling your caving gear."
Tim looked horrified. She said, “Darling, what's wrong?"
"For a minute there you were sounding like my ex-wife.”
“Ex-wife!” she gasped, “You didn't tell me you'd been married before!"
“I haven't been” said Tim.

Re: Newlywed Caver

PostPosted: Feb 10, 2015 9:25 am
by FW
I can identify with that :rofl: