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Postby lalo » Dec 17, 2010 5:17 pm

... :bat sticker: Saludos compañeros. traducción del español al inglés
Greetings fellow. I invite you to see a very bizarre video of an adventure in a cave in a very special mission. This is an adventure made with figures in dioramas. To view you as follows:
- Enter my website.
- Scale 1 / 10.
- Website: Science Fiction / Chupacabras (Caving) / Video.
Sincerely ... Jorge :yikes:
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Re: Chupacabras

Postby pub » Dec 18, 2010 8:27 pm

Welcome to cavechat lalo! :waving:
Interesting video with great action poses! :kewl:
I liked the realistic lighting used in the cave… Good job lalo! :clap:

Katherine Neer wrote:Legends of bloodsucking creatures have been present in many cultures throughout history. One vampire-like creature that has been gaining a considerable amount of notoriety is the Chupacabra.

The literal translation for the Spanish word "chupacabra" is "goat sucker." This creature has been a constant conundrum to cryptozoologists (scientists who study animals that may or may not be real) in North and South America for more than 50 years. With sightings in various regions of Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United States, this is one well-traveled beast. An anomaly since the early 1950s, the Chupacabra was at its height of notoriety in the 1990s -- even surpassing such longtime favorites as Nessy (the Loch Ness monster) and Bigfoot.

Source - How Chupacabras Work

Here’s a quick link to lalo's Chupacabras frameset: CHUPACABRAS de Borneo
Balincaguin comes from the Zambal phrase, "Bali lan caguing" meaning "house of bats."
This was the former name of the Municipality of Mabini, Pangasinan, when it was part of the Province of Zambales (of Mt. Pinatubo Volcano fame).
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Re: Chupacabras

Postby BrianC » Dec 19, 2010 7:00 pm

It was dramatic for sure! There is no wonder caves are being closed, heck, that creature has white neck syndrome. Seriously, it took some fantastic imagination and was realistic, except for the ice axe,and the drumstick leg. Every one knows that Chupacabras go for the neck. Great pictovideo.
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