Dimmable household CFL/LED bulbs?

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Re: Dimmable household CFL/LED bulbs?

Postby Squirrel Girl » Jul 30, 2008 3:31 pm

InTucky wrote:Image


Theres tons of led lights out there, and they'll only get better with time. I think I can deal with slightly whiter light, and save a ton of money.

Heres a good comparison chart......

I hope everyone with the cfl's are properly recycling them! Theres enough mercury in the soil & water already!

Thanks for the link. Yeah, after a dally into the CFLs, I figured that lights would improve with time, so why rush into them. If I wait a year or so, I'll bet we have way better lights. And cheaper, too.
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Re: Dimmable household CFL/LED bulbs?

Postby tncaver » Jan 14, 2009 10:38 am

I agree with Teresa that the plan doesn't seem to be well thought out for banning incandescents.

I replaced "most" of my incandescent bulbs with CFLs throughout the house over a year ago. They definitely
lowered my electric bill (until the recent TVA surcharge went into effect). Although they come on
a little dim, they brighten up quickly and have a normal color as compared to an incandescent bulb.
However, I have two major complaints concerning the CFLs. They do not last 7 years as advertised, and
I've had some burn out in as little as three months and some that blow out immediately in my
outside fixtures that have motion detectors and/or daylight sensitive switches built in. The CFLs simply
will not work in some of those outside fixtures.

The higher price is not cost effective unless the bulbs actually last for several years. I've had several bulbs
to blow out after only a few months in my basement, in the bathroom vanity fixture and outside. I also
have small "candle flame" shaped bulbs in my chandeliers. I have seen no CFL replacement bulbs for those
or for night lights. I am eagerly looking forward to inexpensive LEDs for the home. They should really
cut down on electricity use and really have long life.

I have voluntarily changed most of my incandescents to CFLs but do not want the government to be telling
me what to do any more than they already do.
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Re: Dimmable household CFL/LED bulbs?

Postby Dwight Livingston » Jan 14, 2009 11:58 am

InTucky wrote:Image
Heres a good comparison chart......

That's an odd chart. They list the same electrical use for both (.17 kWh) but show 30 times the cost of the same electricity for incandescent over LED. The rated wattage difference is 3 versus 60, a 20 X difference, not 30. I don't know the real comparison, but the chart seems a bit out of control.
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