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States Buying Too Much Land

PostPosted: Dec 18, 2016 3:40 pm
by tncaver
Before everyone applauds when a state buys up private land for conservation reasons they need to realize that every time the state,
or Federal Government for that matter, buys up private owned land, the counties lose the tax money that private land owners used to pay
in property taxes. Eventually, a county can lose so much revenue due to states buying land that they can not provide adequate services
for the citizens that still own private land in the county. The only option is to raise taxes on the remaining landowners or cut services
even more. This is exactly what is happening in some of Tennessee's poorest counties in the Cumberland Plateau. The state has so much
land now that they are talking about having private companies manage some of the parks and other properties. Yet Tennessee continues
buying up thousands of acres of land every year. Be careful what you wish for.

To see another example of this go to the following link and read about a similar situation happening in Minnesota. ... operty-tax

Re: States Buying Too Much Land

PostPosted: May 30, 2018 12:41 pm
by newcaver315
and some states when they do like ny have strict laws about how far you can venture and what you can do on it, they always find an endangerd fern that grows like crazy in my back yard swearing it can only grow here or there in the parks. too often swimming holes get bought up and few years later the conservation zone becomes privately owned by developers and turned into housing developments right around the corner we had a nice swimming hole in limestone creek that they sold off to a huge gated community and are now going to build on it. what ticks me off is it used to be part of the canal trail and we could go play in the woods now its private and probably being used to dig another pond for the community (gated not just anyone) ive actually written the dec and asked them to map out where im allowed to fish swim etc without running into someone who claims they own the rights cause they own the land which is bs because in ny you have to specifically buy the rights to any resource and most of the time seperately ie water rights mineral rights have to be specific mineral rights usually does not include oil gas gold silver anything of the sort ny has a law stating all gold etc belongs to the state and is illegal to keep any you find even off your own land... im a jerk sometimes and will print out tax maps to show the owner claiming i cant fish here or there and im like piss off walked down stream from here and you cant deny me traversing the water ways and im allowed to cross your property respectfully to avoid any life threatning situations log jams deep waters etc. problem is the police consider it a civil matter and id have to fight it in court otherwise they boot you out even with a map showing there is an easement along the creek and the list of what rights owners have to the water way. wrote about openning more forests to be open to primitive camping as all we have in onondaga county is the tip of morgan hill state forest, otherwise its an ohur plus drive to the next forest i can camp for free and teach my kids how to rough it. we pay high taxes here like an acre of undeveloped land is taxed higher than say a developed 50 acres in other counties pretty sure i should get more out of my buck than to walk the nations most polluted lake and to pay camping fees at a state park for a small spread and annoying city folk pretending theyre camping leaving diapers and trash in fire pits... i was taught from a young age you carry it in you carry it out and anything you can pick up too (usually have a bag of trash every hike sometimes more youngest daughter insists we bring a bag to go hiking)

Re: States Buying Too Much Land

PostPosted: May 30, 2018 1:15 pm
by tncaver
In some ways, government is our worst enemy.