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Caves of Huntsville Field Trip Guide for sale

PostPosted: May 21, 2017 12:39 am
by Ernie Coffman
At the 2014 NSS Convention, Caves of Huntsville Field Trip Guide was provided to those individuals who went on a field trip in Huntsville. It's truly a great guide book that begins telling where the caves are located, safety features, caves the trip went to, and there are several maps in it. One interesting cave map shows Big Spring Cave, going right under the court house and several city blocks.There's a nice bibliography with it, also. Plastic covered and 46-pages, so you people in Alabama, what say you on a price of $15 plus $3.99 for shipping? I do PayPal and I'd need your mailing address. Put your thoughts in to buying it in the e-mail message section, so we don't clog up CaveChat. Thanks for looking! :cavingrocks:

This booklet has been sold. Wish I had more of them. :woohoo: