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Off Rope book for sale

PostPosted: Apr 3, 2016 2:15 pm
by Ernie Coffman
Have Bruce Smith's and Allen Padgett's book, On Rope for sale. In vertical caving, it's, more or less, considered the Bible of rope techniques. As most of you know it's a large book so postage makes it increase in size, but...for $26.00 I'll include shipping of the book to you. That's quite a deal, since the prices of a used On Rope book go for up to $48 and down to $25 is the lowest I've seen. In excellent condition, 'cept for the author's autographs on the second page, which is before the title page. Thus, if you didn't like that page two, you could cut it out. :doh: Let me know by private e-mail if you're interested; where to send it to; and, if you can pay by PayPal, that would be great. My addy is If you don't do PayPal, we can discuss other options, like a good check. :cavechat: