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1998 Tennessee Cave Survey Mapbooks!

PostPosted: Dec 10, 2013 11:40 am
by tagkycaver
I have 3 complete 1998 TCS 3-book mapsets for sale to the first 3 interested people who PM me. These are divided into 3 books; East Tennessee Caves, Middle Tennessee Caves, and West Tennessee Caves. Each book contains approximately 200 caves, over 600 cave maps total! I will sell each set for $100, plus $10 shipping (these books are heavy!). NOTE: These books are in 3 separate paper folders/envelopes; they not bound in any way, although they are configured to be 3-hole punched for notebooks.

These mapbooks were found in a box in the personal library of the late NSS Life and Fellow Member Warren G. Dixon; it was his wishes that they remain in the hands of interested cavers. The mapbooks will only be available for sale to current NSS members.