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Camps Gulf Cave, Van Buren County, Tennessee

PostPosted: Sep 8, 2006 12:44 pm
by Larry E. Matthews
The September, 2006 issue of "Times and Trails", an email publication of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, features a photo of the entrance to Camps Gulf Cave on page 6.

Camps Gulf Cave is one of the largest caves in Tennessee, with over 5 miles of passages already mapped by John Hoffelt and others. The cave is located on property that was donated to the State of Tennessee a few years ago and is now officially part of Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Without publicity, the cave is probably not that well known to non-cavers, yet the article mentioned above shows a group of "inner city youth" that have been bused to the park and taken to the cave. One can only wonder if this is an appropriate activity to promote at one of Tennessee's largest wild caves.

Somehow, these same people that are busing "inner city youth" to caves (i.e. the Tennessee Parks Department) have frequently denied access to caves on State property to NSS cavers. What gives?